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Hyderabad,February 19,(
Social media is creating hole with online voting in the run up to the general election. Who are the prospective MLAs for those constituencies? Some people say that the best MPs from Telangana state from current parliament constituencies are voting links in the What's app groups. Many enthusiasts have an undesirable interest in participating in online voting and knowing how many votes have been polled in favor of anyone.


Who is the Best MP in Telangana - 2017 in what's app Groups from 10 days to last week? An online survey with the caption enters the attention of all. The link will be available online till the 17th of this month. Based on the registered voting percent so far, Nizamabad parliament member Kavitha poetry continues to be the number one among the best-known best MPs by winning more votes than others. She was voted 2489 online in favor of Saturday, and 23 per cent of the total votes polled was in the top of the list. Bhubaneshi MP Bruera Narsaiya Gowd is second with 22 per cent and 2351 votes, Warangal MP Pasunuri Deyakar is third with 1442 votes and Jahirabad MP BB. Patil is in the fourth place with 1127 votes (10 percent). 

MPs K. Vishweshwarar Reddy was ranked fifth with 1005 votes (9 percent), while other MPs were restricted to nominal votes. Following the results of the results, several MPs from the MPs were asked to forward this link in the Watsap group and vote for their MP. Who is the next MLA of the same legislative constituency? Hulch is creating links in social media (what's app ). The followers of the leaders of these parties and the activists are going to forward these messaging to the groups that are to be their leader, as they say, "immediately put your vote online." While many voicing the online voting pattern, the online voting process continues. The social media, political leaders of the political parties, their followers and activists have been overwhelmed by the recent past. 

Second-class leaders have been posting postings in social media, revealing their leader greatness. They use social media as a platform for the dominance of power and opposition parties. The visit of the leader of the leader has been promulgated and posted on social media immediately after the news of the leader's activities. In particular, what's app  set up special groups. These groups also included fascinating leaders. Leaders and activists are trying to attract the attention of the leaders by posting the posters. Their leader is a great thing, and they are directly commenting on their own. When you open links in what's app , the names of the leaders of the respective parties are being asked to vote for whom you will vote.