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Hyderabad, February 22, (way2newstv.com):
pollution of lakes in Hyderabad become as scourge .Mosquitoes have been growing rapidly since many water reservoirs are being polluted .The people on the city where dengue and malaria are suffering from diseases like swine flu, now mosquitoes have Attacking  on the city.Many of the ponds of the city are becoming pollutants of the day. The failure of the GHMC mechanism has become a scourge of taking action to purge them. In many ponds, horsemeat melt grew unexpectedly. On the other hand, the vulnerabilities that come from the neighboring colonies, bales, industrial warehouses and commercial complexes are untreated in the sewage treatment centers, and the hazardous elements of water are transforming the water into a fierce strain. The PCB observed that the dosage of water in the waste water and the fossil coliform and total coliform doses increased. It became clear that the presence of bacteria such as Shigella. coli in the ponds increased. In addition, the mosquito larvae have grown rampant in many ponds as the minimum and maximum temperatures are present at present. The Pollution Control Board has revealed that the ponds around the city are becoming vulnerable to wastage from household, commercial and industrial areas.

Compared to last year, there is an unexpected rise in the presence of coliform and harmful bacteria in the ponds. On the other hand, the increase in horses in many reservoirs and the current climatic conditions are good for the mosquito larvae to grow. The mosquito booms in the metropolis. The doctors warn that cigarettes are threatened by malaria and dengue. In Kukatpalli, Pragati Nagar pond, 2015, the Kolipamp presence has increased by 406 micrograms per 100 ml of water in 2016. The situation is worrying as the GHMC fails to build mini sewage cleaners without access to sewage water directly into the ponds. Over the past 20 years, many ponds have been hit by the rubbish. The massive increase in housing, commercial and industrial complexes in the FTL limits has increased. Most ponds appear to have lost half of their FTL limits and are less likely to be chickled. At least in the forests, the horse and the mosquito larvae are not completely eliminated. The natives of the Kumbatpalli Amir pond came from the neighboring areas and came to know that the heavy water was coming directly. The bulldoon mechanism is limited to the spectacular role of the giant illegal structures around the pond. Kukatpally, KPHB, Musapet, Seringalingagalli, Manikonda, Jililiguda, Balapur, Balanagar areas, Mehdi Pattanam, Masibtankan, Musabtank, , Chaderghat, Kothi, Malakpet , Dilsukhnagar, Amberpet, Musheerabad, Uppal, Boduppal, Ramantanpur, Rajendranagar, Hayatnagar etc. There are currently mosquitoes. At present, the minimum and maximum temperatures in the city are as low as 18, the maximum is 33 degrees, and the mosquito larvae significantly improves the areas where mosquito breed. The GHMC mechanism fails to spray anti-larvae to prevent larvae growth. On the other hand, only half of the 1400 million liters of waste daily is being cut into the STPs and Musi leaves. The rest of the 700 million liters of sewage are untouched by Musée.