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We'll hear many songs and many more songs. Many of the songs are only for the ears ... good songs hit the heart straight. In a new film called Dalpathy, such a song is now appealing to listeners. There is something between you and me that Rambabu gave the lyrics of Ghosala to the song ... proprietary compositions are composed.

                                           THE SONG OF THE CROOKED HEARTS...
You guys have sung the lead singer Sreya Ghoshal, who has sung the song with me on Youtube. The song is only a surprise when it receives 10 million views in single channel uploading. If all the YouTube Channels Views are combined, it will reach about 20 million views. Most of the craze for a single song will look for the few star heroes of the movie. But it is rare that the new heroine Sada and Kavitha Agarwal will play the lead in the movie Dulpathi. Director Sada is talking about the sensation of creating a song that is something between you and me on YouTube .... The song is not usually a lifetime of beat songs. We hear and forget this. But Melody's songs are always in the hearts of the listeners. The music director's owner said that the song was about to be hit, but it did not seem to be so great. The song has become a major attraction for our Dhalapati movie coming soon.

 It is an unforgettable experience to get a new heroine's song Cotti View. Thanks to the well-known songwriters of the song, Rambabhu Ghosal, who gave the lyrics to Shreya Ghoshal and the literature. We are getting the name of the song that is being brought to the new film that will be in my direction. The script work has been completed for you to come soon. The new production company will build the film. In a few days, you will be taken to the sets of the film that is something between me. Said.