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February 12,(Way 2
Mega Hero is planning to make Varun Tej's career the most different roles in the movie. The film received critical acclaim with the film. Fida has earned an average viewer's heart. After the blockbuster movie Fida, Mega Hero Varun Tej is the debut film of the film.


Venky Atluri was the first to be photographed. It is a beautiful love story and the actress Tara Rashi Khanna has acted in pairs. The film was released on February 10. Varun and Rashi Khanna Chemistry How has the workshop turned out? Varun has come to the story to know whether this film is a good success.

Aditya Shekhar (Varun Tej) is a young man with a straightforward mindset that he loves. In the train, Raina (Rashi Khanna) is the first to fall in love. The two will then join the same college. All of them break up due to the fact that everything is going well. Then they meet in London for six years.