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Mumbai, February 1, (
Quote the visa hold. Yes it is true that you heard it. "It is the origin of money, not the jagat is our elders". That's exactly what is true once again. If you have a visa, a green card called 'permanent resident ship' will be dropped in your hug.

                                                  VISA RUNS IF YOU HAVE PISA

Some countries, however, also provide citizenship. "Tophale" has been coordinated with the GRE, and has been studying abroad, studying abroad, and staying there for a "permanent residence ship". Insistent coffee is easy enough to get you all over the moment. Not one of you. All your family will have a 'permanent visa'. Many countries like America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand sell visas for money. All we have to do is put aside the amount of money they invest in in the country in the form of investment.

 Stiffen squirrels like Donald Trump can not even make you your family. If you pay Rs 6.37 crore under the 'IB 5 Investor Program', the American 'Green Card' will also be for your family members. It is enough to invest Rs.3.18 crores in the US government sector.