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Hyderabad, February 1, (
The Hyderabad police issued warnings that there would be no stringent action if smoking in a public place. Accordingly, Hibibnagar police raided the bus stops, hotels, panes, parks and sports grounds. On this occasion, people caught smoke in public places.

                                                             CIGARAS BAHU PARAK

At least 25 people have been taken into custody at the Mallepalli, Habibnagar, Darussalam, Nampally and Bajargat areas and taken to the station. In the presence of family members, Nampally MLA Jafferhusen Meraj, Mehidipatnam Corporator, former Mayor Majid Hussain and Habibnagar inspector Madhukaraswamy counseling were given. 

These 25 persons were registered under the Tobacco Act. The government has been forced to withdraw the ban on smokers in outdoor areas from October 2, 2008. Accordingly, people pay a fine of Rs. The Delhi government is planning to pay a fine of Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 in case of smoke in public space for the first time.