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Hyderabad, February 5, ( 
Telangana Chief Minister KCR created a record. Being the Chief Minister and staying in the Secretariat for a year. No Chief Minister of India has been present for the year as a Secretariat. That's why he got a rare honor. He does not look to the secretariat unless his form hawas or Pragati Bhavan. The fact that the pioneer was correctly arrived at the KCR Secretariat on February 3 was now debated. 

                                                       YEARS OF SECRETARIAT KCR

It is true that he came to the Secretariat with the name of Vasantha. But he does not mention it anywhere. Many chief ministers ruled from the same secretariat. But KCR does not like to rule. That is why we do not see Kanniyattaiyitta. There have been some changes in the Secretariat. Even though there is no complete confidence. He built the Pragati Bhavan for him. From there it is carrying out his activities. TDP MLA Revenue Reddy, who joined the Congress, has been wrong with KCR. He has been asked to give Kumbhakarna awards for the rest of the house and the farmhouse from KCR till the end of the year. Rev. Reddy referenced in the tweet that the CEI office of the KCR secretariat was completed for a year.

 The CM is confined to his residence and has come to the office and the people have no chance of having problems with the Chief Minister. There are criticisms that neither the CM has ever acted so negligently. There is another person who is far away from people. Even though trying to change the secretariat for his son, it is getting delayed. With severe criticism from the opposition, it fell ill.