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Chennai, March 17, (
National politics are turning a key turnaround with the TDP's untrusted resolution notice. New frontiers are being created. This kick has fallen to the KCR front. All the things are ready for Chandrababu. 11 parties have already responded positively to the TDP's unbelief resolution on the Narendra Modi government. Tamil Nadu's ruling AIADMK has been rethinked. Pannir Selvam and Palani Swami are not the BJP that is united, but it is not yet decided whether to move forward or not. AIADMK did not take any decision on the no-confidence motion of TDP. DMK responded positively to TDP decision. The AIADMK party has a strength of 37 MPs in the Lok Sabha. That's what the party is doing. 

The party coordinator (Panneer Selvam) and Co-coordinator (Palaniswamy) are making a concerted decision to support the trust vote of the Telugu Desam Party against the central government. The matter was announced by MP Vijay Sai Reddy. AP is ready to support any party for state benefits. An unfaithful resolution was introduced on the central government seeking special status to the AP. The tipPy notice of the incident has given the interest of what will happen to Wakapa. But the decision was made in favor of TDP. The TCC has said that they have sought support from all other political parties except for the BJP and the BJP. The truth is that there is no truth in the campaign to support the TPT's trust vote. The state is willing to support any political party in the matter of saving benefits. If TDP does not support tomorrow, it will be a danger for people to turn into wiqpa villains. That's why the precautions took place. Controlling the tadimage has been controlled by supporting TDP.