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Nellore, March 10, (way2newstv):
The cricket betting issue in Nellore has a political color. Police has sent notice to YCP MLA kotamReddy Sridhar Reddy. Then this case turned as kotam Reddy vs SP. Kotam Reddy started battle against the SP PhD Ramakrishna and the MLA also broke down on Minister Narayan.In the betting case, district SP issued the notices two days ago to MLA kotamReddy Sridhar Reddy to appear before the court. That's why kotam Reddy frustrated. Kotam Reddy expressed his anger on police and said I don’t have any relation to that case. More than IPS Ramakrishna ... Nakshana Ramakshan, Minister Narayana Bantrooth Ramakrishna is working as SP. Independent criticism of the opposition MLAs has been hampered by the honesty. In a phased manner, family matters are also dragged into controversy. Minister Narayana dared to fight for rural constituency and throw the challenge to win.

District President Bidha Ravichandran Yadav has come in for a strong counter to the MLA's Kotam Reddy, Beeta said that the government does not have any role in giving notice to Kotam Reddy. If the MLAs are not harassing the opposition MLAs, it is hard for a single MLA to appear in the case of fake liquor. He also reprimanded criticism of his minister Narayan. He said the high command would decide where to contest the match. On the other hand, the natives of the police community also went into the field. PJ Dhek Ramakrishna Charge as the district SP has been successful in raising many cases and blaming IPS personally. TDP was totally unsuccessful in reversing the sharp comments made by the Minister Narayanan. No Bidha Ravi Chandra, TP's second-class leaders are worried that Telugu brothers are being foiled in counter-attacking and criticizing the NCP MLAs minister Narayana. The bicycle races are being overwhelmed by any opposition leader if the opposition MLAs criticizes minister Narayan. Leaders are discussing that the opposition MLAs will be in the game if the district leadership fights together.