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Hyderabad, March 10, (
Million March inspiration on the Tank Bund is not evidence of authoritarian rule. The million march marks of the day are still moving in front of the eyes and the people have dug and come out victorious, "said Tejak chairman Kodandaram. He said that this time the Million March will inspire the House to take place. On Saturday he spoke to the media. Million was overwhelmed by government restrictions. Why are the government afraid of the movements? Telangana is the result of the movements. It is not a crime to remember the events of Telangana by any movement. Claiming that they do not want to recall millions of march. Thousands of IAS leaders and activists are being arrested. 


The government's attitude is contrary to the laws. And despite the restrictions in 2011, we have succeeded in a million march. At present there are a lot of problems in Telangana .. The unemployment and peasant crisis has occurred. Unhappiness in all sections of government We are looking forward to a million-march inspiration by the government. In Telangana, there are no restrictions. Apart from us, the home party of Telangana, CPI, New Democracy, TPF, Arunodaya organization and educational community are coming to the House.

Thousands of people have already come to the Million March to come to Hyderabad. All the illegal arrests in Hyderabad in the districts are the belief that the party will be successful, "he said.