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Karimnagar, March 28, (
Green signal for new ration cards. The government issued a green signal to issue new ration cards. Officials say that you can apply for new service from April 1 at your service center. The beneficiaries are looking forward to the date of application. However, the issuance of the SARCAR cards for about 10 months on the e-passes has been suspended. During this time, 15,401 families have applied for new cards. NRIs will get NRIs as their applications will not start from April 1. Officials say the card will be issued with in 30 days of the application. Many people feel that there is no need to work around for a number of months for cards. Officials are planning to provide the cards with timely delivery and also provide them with quick delivery. The beneficiaries are making arrangements to get the goods within the next month.

The government is likely to print new cards. The beneficiaries will be able to get more goods. The fingerprints of the person in the card are checked in e-pass and distributing the goods. Similarly, the new cardholders can also get good supplies. The new ration card is required to be submitted through your service centers. The Aadhaar card is mandatory for the applicants. All members of the family are required to add copies of Aadhaar Xerox to the application. The families in the rural areas are worth Rs.1.50 lakhs and urban areas are more than Rs 2 lakhs, the officials said. The applicants will be examined at various levels and will be granted the cards. The applications are available in your service centers.