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Hyderabad, March 17, (
Innaiah in Kodandaram party. Telangana JAC chairman Kodandaram has joined a key leader in the Telangana Janshakti Party. One of the founders of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) announced that he will work Kondambaram with Gade Innaiah. In the formation of TRS, Innaiah has played a crucial role for KSR. Work efficiently as party secretary. A wide study of discrimination and discrimination against Telangana state in Andhra Pradesh, has also been published in various books. Telangana people have been touring extensively on the creation of a separate state. He has been away from the TRS due to differences with KCR and Harish Rao. How closely is he with KCR? When KSR has gone away, it's just the opposite. The effort made by the establishment of Professor Kodandaram JAC during Telangana was not always a problem. After that, the KCR did not give an appointment to the Kodandaram in the wake of the differences between KSR and then KSR. Eventually, the Kodandaram went to the party.

The issue of Telangana state was formed. Our home is celebrated as a popular ashram in the Jaffar Ghad Mandal Center in Warangal district. There are now hundreds of children in the ashram. All of them are working hard to provide superior lives. In this context he formed a Telangana party. Since the TRS has been set up, many organizations have been set up among the people. In a meeting held on Thursday in Hyderabad, the government announced the merger of the Telangana state party in Kodandaram. Other key leaders also have information about the possibility of joining the party. While in the next election, many leaders claim that Iannaiah and Kodandaram will contest from Warangal East constituency on behalf of the party. But a few days ago, I wanted to contest from Warangal East as a face book venue. Earlier I was working in People's War. At the time of Warangal East, he had good relations with the eastern constituency. On the other hand, sitting TRS MLA Konda Surekha has some opposition in the party cadre. He seems to be interested in contesting from here.