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Hyderabad, March 13, (way2newstv.com):
BJP leader Kishan Reddy said the attack on board chairman Swamiji was unfortunate.. He said the floor leaders were called to speak before the suspension of Congress members. Whatever the attacks, it is clear that it is wrong. The issue of the removal of the leader of the opposition on the incident is to be considered. Congress leaders have created confusion during the Governor's speech in the assembly yesterday. Chairman of the Board Swami Gowda was injured when Congress leaders threw a headset on the podium.


The clash between the Chief Minister of KCR and BJP leader Kishan Reddy took place. Kisan Reddy has been blamed for suspending the CEP leader Janarreddy. How to interact with Jana Reddy on how to interact during the clash? But KCR has reacted seriously on Kishan's comments. The BJP is supporting the anarchists. Though the theories are supported by the Congress and the Congress, they do not mind. Do you know what happened to Jana Reddy? Who is to be suspended unnecessarily without any reason? Janarreddy is more respected than anybody else. Kishan Reddy want to justify the event yesterday? Questioned. Do you want to keep silent? Asked.