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Hyderabad, March 20, (way2newstv.com):
Sree Vishnu is doing movies with different story lines. On the 23rd of this month,he is coming up in front of the audience with 'Neidin Naadi oke Katha'.Speaking at a press conference on this occasion, he said, "In this film, we have shown struggles in the student life. If you do not study engineering after inter, if won't give the bride ! Most of the students are studying the engineering. The Society also sees the engineering students in one way,and degree students in another type. There are a lot of people who are suffering everyday, with the feelings of did not do their passion jobs, even if they pass in engineering.  80 percent of their lives are not satisfied. That's wrong. If we have a clarity before we have what we want, we can say it is parenting. Sometimes we can do it quickly. 

Sometimes it's too late. But there is a satisfaction that I am doing. In this film, the middle class is a rural movie in the background. The Devi Prasad is my father. If my character is connected to the movie watching guys, the diva prasadagari's character is connected to the fathers. Not to be done with big directors .. We are now doing with new directors. The new directors along with the passion and the stories of my budget. I have a comfort. Dagne has 95 techniques for the film. The film got better. Of course everyone likes it. I am making a movie 'Veeraboga Vasantha Rayalu'. A Police Story has been accepted. I am going to do 'Thippara Meesam' in the direction of Krishna Vijay.