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Ranga Reddy, March 20, (way2newstv.com):
Leaders in the election campaign will be guaranteed by the people. If we win, we will do it .. Leaders will give lectures to make this happen. But some of the guarantees that come to power come to some extent, but not all, if they are certain. But we have seen the leader who sells the house for the promised assurances. Do not dismiss such leaders today. Such lady leader is in Ranga Reddy district. Sheila has sold her house to the chair of the Chevella Mandal Juddipati. To this extent she sold a house and made a statement. Now she's all about the debate. After winning, she said that she was unable to fulfill the assurances given to the people due to lack of funding ... since then she felt very sad. Sailaja said that she has decided to fulfill the promises made by him. However, there is another reason for this decision. 

She has been promoted in the election campaign to build CC roads and cc drainage. But she could not keep her promise. They keep her and her husband every time they go to the public. She could not meet people. There is no proper response if she asked several times about district officials. Anyway, the reason why we do not want to keep the word given to her is that she does not have any political future, and her husband decided to sell the plot. The innovative announcement of the reasons for selling the house. Now that ad has become viral on the net. 2014 was won by the Bamber Majority for the Sailaja TRS.