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Warangal, March 7, (
Konda Surekha .. Name Telangana Firebrand. In the YCP she joined the BJP. It is argued that she is a MLA as MLC and has no benefit. All of them have expressed their concern that the couple who had turned the cycle  of their hands have become Hands are tied up. In fact, Konda Surekha holds up well in the surroundings of Parakala. Those who belong to the Munnuru Kapu community are also very well aware in the community. Keeping in mind that this is the information that KCR has pulled. However, the KCR category has been marked on Konda Surekha, which has previously lost KCR. Either She or her husband were promoted in the Cabinet. 


However, the equations have changed since the TDP's arrival of the TRS. Whenever  posterity of the other categories, the ministries of the minister are two. The two sides are just salt. The TRS is promising to increase the pressure from Surekha to move from their constituencies to another. Surekka is not the same as the minister's office .. Surekha group that thinks the insult to stay away from the constituency. But she is going to dismiss the rumors. When he is winning the twenty-five years, he asks how another constituency can change. Independent has sent signals that he needs to be trusted by those who trusted her.