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Eluru, March 16, (
Private schools started business. Deductions of private schools were just beginning. Pre-academic approach last year entered the second year. Even if it is not clear whether it will continue this year or not, some private educational institutions that are supporting it are still under pressure to name the fees on the child before the current year's final quarterly examinations are completed. Not only is the pressure on the books to be purchased at the end of the month but the teachers in the school are putting the responsibility of applying new children to each one. Other schools claim that they will not be eligible for next year's job, and a few months' salary will be cut to a month's salary. But in April and May, there is no possibility of transfers to be done, and the next step is to take a hard time to pay fees. Children who do not know this are changing at their parents. Holding the mind.There are over 1250 private schools in the district. From the nursery to the classroom, the average fee is Rs. From 20 thousand to Rs. It is up to 50 thousand. Generally, the academic year started in June every year. The books were then purchased. The fee was also paid in June or July. From the academic year, the CBSE system has been ordered to complete the exams for students in March, and afterwards, the school has to start classes for the next year from April. This approach is good in everyone. While the next academic year classes have begun earlier, it is suggested that basic textbooks should be given monthly content with books available to them without having to buy textbooks. In the case of fees, the payment process should be started as soon as the start of the academic year.

The school has already completed all the exams and will have to pay fees from weekdays. Some parents are paying for a child's fight. Some people are willing to borrow and pay the fees. There are about 10 lakh households in the district, of which around 5 lakhs families are from Aleksey to Sacred Heart. There are two children in each family. There is an average fee of Rs 30 thousand per academic year. For families, there are 10 lakhs of children under the pilots. 3,000 crore burdens on parents. Under the first installment fee, 50% of the fee is Rs. 1500 crore. For each family, the two children will have to pay Rs. The first installment is Rs. 30 thousand pay. Besides, Rs. 6 thousand per month 12 thousand pay. Some people are also in charge of the bus fees. Firstly, Rs. 8 thousand. An average family of Rs. 50 thousand burdens. The average parents were born in June and July. Monthly exemptions from their salaries are those who do not suffer from financial difficulties. Now that's the burden of this burden, you are faced with what you are going to do. Average salaries per month 25 thousand to Rs. In the case of 35 thousand, the hand was Rs. From 20 thousand to Rs. 30 thousand only. It has to pay a monthly salary now as fees. Some parents are worried that they will have to lend at least Rs 30,000 per household expenses.