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Amaravati, March 20 (
The film industry must be move. TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad said that the Telangana CM family also supported the seat of AP. Speaking on Tuesday, he said, "There is a lot of criticism from actors and elders of Telugu film industries. If the awards are not given, the artists who are not questioning why they do not speak about the special status of the AP people. Everybody across the state has been involved in the agitation and agitation on the unfairness of the center except one industry. Asked why the activists were not concerned. The film industry was leading in Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. But what about our industry? Brother Chief Minister's family supported our fight.... The film industry lives in slave lives. If the awards do not come, then the people who do not speak are not talking. Still fight for the rights of the fishermen. There was not a single hero in Amaravati one day when the state came and was four years old. Hollywood heroes do not have a place. If Tamil directors are kidding with social consciousness, they say that heroines are depicting the beauty of the heroines and not fighting.