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Kurnool, March 23, (way2newstv.com):
Water levels have fallen significantly in Srisailam and Tungabhadra dams providing drinking water along with irrigation. The current minimum water requirement in Srisailam project is 834 feet. Wednesday fell to 816 feet. The state of affairs in Srisailam, which is a joint reserve, has been competing with the rivers of both states. The water from the Podireddiadu hydroductor to the SRCC should be more than 840 feet. Srisailam Dam has a water level of 810 feet and it is also possible to get water from the mold. 

At present there is 38.5 TMC water available at Srisailam Dam. The project is slated to cover 741 cusecs in KC Canal and 338 cusecs in Haryana. Irrigation officials say that this is likely to last for another week. Srisailam Dam holds minimum water reserves in the summer, with the drinking water needs of the summer as well as the possibility of kharif. Farmers are concerned about the government's evacuation of the Reservoir without anticipation. On the other hand, the water situation in Tungabhadra Dam is also a concern. Only 6.12 TMCs are available. Though the 1100 cusecs flow from Tungabhadra Dam to Level Kennel (LLC) in Karnataka, there are only 205 cents in the Andhra border with water logging in Karnataka.