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Bangalore, May 8, (
Congress leaders, who are confident to get success in the upcoming Karnataka elections,have been disturbed.Surveys are all in the hope that they are in favor of election surveys and their hope for the second time. People are looking forward to the election of Karnataka. The Congress and the BJP leaders are working hard to win this election, which is considered semi-finals. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and CM Siddhi Ramaiya are planning to win the BJP once again to win the BJP. In some areas, the Congress gap comes down. The BJP is gradually reaching out to increase the tension in the CM Siddi Ramayya. Kamal Naths feel that the situation after the Prime Minister's Modi campaign has changed, and Congress leaders have come to the limelight to take control of their supervisor. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah are making efforts to make the country part of the country's Vimuktu Desh. However, the tension is increasing longer than the days of Karnataka elections. The latest situation is that Congress leaders, who feel that the Congress is better off compared to the BJP, The latest surveys are that the Congress is making a blind eye to the Congress. The BJP leaders are bleeding with the thrust of doubts. 


The party has now become stronger in contrast to the BJP's position in the Mumbai-Karnak area. Bagalkot .. Vijayapura .. Gadag .. There are 50 assembly constituencies in Haveri and Dharwad districts. Most of these are in the Congress account and now the situation is expected to be changed. During the 2013 Assembly elections, the Congress won 31 seats. The BJP has won only 13 seats. The BJP was split into three pieces. It won only the lowest seats in the Lok Sabha elections. This time, the majority of seats in the elections are in Mumbai. CM Siddaramaiah has become more embarrassing to the Congress to win. The survey results that the BJP would benefit from the changing situation has shocked the Congress. According to the latest estimates, the BJP is projected to win 27 of the 27 seats in the JD This is a huge loss to the Congress if the BJP can get a bigger advantage. Leaders believe that in some areas they do not revolve. Congress leaders have been unwillingly overpowering the surveys that they have emerged as a key step behind the Congress. War is a long time ago but now it's tough.