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Karimnagar, June 22, (way2newstv.com)
In order to estimate the growing water pollution of the day, many of the districts  are planning to set up water sampling centers. Five regions of the district were selected by the Central Pollution Control Board. The Central Pollution Control Council approved ten days before the two places in Karimnagar district, two places in Jagathala district and in Sirisilla district. Located in the Lower Maneru area  of ​​Karimnagar town, the konerugan temple at Kondagattu temple, Kondagathu, near the Vemulawada temple pond, near Dharmapuri temple, will be set up to conduct water inspections at Karimnagar Lower Maneru Dam. Telangana state wanted to set up 70 centers across the state as part of the National Water Quality Monitoring Program (NWMP).
 These include five areas in Jammu and Kashmir. On the other hand, the argument that it is wrong to set up other people in the areas of peddapalli and other parts of the area is also heard from the relevant officials. The water test centers should be set up in areas like Coalgate and Ramagundam, which are mostly coal. On the other hand, municipal corporations and municipalities do not focus properly on the various sewage treatment facilities in the district. In addition, the proper irrigation system or waste is contaminated in drinking water.  The officers who identify the areas with high intensity in the zones are expected to change the water pattern. The report will provide the report to the superiors to take the necessary steps and take necessary steps. Trying to get out of the threat of becoming a threat to the health of the public is going to be stepped up now. Clearly, there is no accurate measurement on the pollution in the joint district. The latest arrangement is to find out how the water pollution is likely to be accurate. Pollution control (PCB) officials have been focusing on the changing nature of the flood water. In the past, officials have noted that the water level in the Karimnagar town has been risky. We have made efforts to identify specific criteria. The waste manned river, including the garbage dumping yard, has been found to be carrying water for pollution. In addition, the waste water from the residential areas is under threat from the underground waters. Increased water in the underground, the acid evaporates in the waters of the underground, increases unexpectedly and becomes worse. This age that has been overturned recently has been the worst. The public officials and environmentalists have been heard allegations that the relevant authorities have shown no reason to be obedient to the nomination. There have been criticisms that the environment does not focus properly on the disruptions caused by waterlogging. Due to the poor quality of water quality studies, there are a number of well-known scenarios of the famous Shrine of water in the district. The waste water from the towns in the towns were damaged in the water purity of the rivers, streams, and ponds. In such cases, the famines were damaged by the fishermen. In areas where there are millions of fish deaths due to wastewater disruption in water reservoirs near the upper and lower reserve reservoirs.