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JUNE 22, (
The villages in Khammam, Bhadradri kothagudem located in the new district of adopted villages are away from development. There are no problems for the other villages. Specially, the people who felt that the funds would be funded by the government was disappointed. Some people call the 'love' by taking Mandalalini village. Special meetings were held. He said that he would work without power. Except for the first session, some did not even see that side.  Like other villages, local work has been done. Speaking about this, Gadipalli said that the building of individual toilets in the village was created and the primary school building was repaired.
 PR roads in collaboration with local MLAs have been developed. Meetings were held in some zones. But they made special villages in particular. These are the villagers who are elected by the public.  Dumping yard   in the village was first announced to keep the surroundings clean. A dumping yard was set up for three months. Two rigid rickshaws were provided. Ardivo Vinayakrishna Reddy, who was on the move to transfer the village of Tharumalayapalam Mandalam Kakaravai, adopted. There is no drinking water problem there.  Individual toilets are being built in the village. Two bedrooms in Lingalapalli built 20. Two beds and 20 roads in Mogaralaguppa were constructed. Two bedrooms in Tappanapalli 20 and CC roads were constructed. 90 percent of the toilets have been constructed. We have set up lubricants at Rs 5 lakh in Mongaralaguppa. We have built 10 roads and 20 two beds for Rs 10 lakh. There are 20 two bedrooms and three cc roads in Tippanapally. We have made proposals with Rs 1.15 crore with Singareni Shape funds. One hundred percent of lingerie is said to be built in Lingalapalli.