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T-Congress MLAs who meet the speaker

Hyderabad, June 12, (way2newstv.com)
Congress leader and Leader of the Opposition Jana Reddy met Congress leader Speaker Madhusudhana chary on Monday. They appealed to the speaker to restore the membership of their party MLAs. Komatireddy and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Sambhampa announced that the speaker had canceled the headphones of the assembly and attacked. The Congress MLAs had approached the High Court challenging it and pronounced them favor. On the verdict, some TRS MLA filed a petition in the High Court Division bench. However, the decision of the single bench was justified by the MLAs' Legislative Assembly ruling that they would not be able to cancel their memberships and continue to be MLAs.

 T-Congress MLAs who meet the speaker
Speaking to the speaker, Janareddy told the media that the issue of renewal of MLAs was taken to the Assembly Secretary. He said the need to preserve the law and democracy. Janareddy said that the court verdict will be implemented by the speaker to act in a democratic manner. TPCC chief Uthamkumar Reddy said that the President will explain the situation in Telangana. Komatireddy Venkat Reddy said that Sampath did not make any mistake. If marshals are pushed ... their headphones are down. Asked by the speaker that the court would take more days to execute the judgment, Komati Reddy said. We have been suspended in the draft. A similar incident in Jodhpur in Andhra Pradesh has been suspended for only three days.