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Vijayawada, June 14, (
AP Chief Minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu have come to the party leaders to prepare for the early elections. Chandrababu, who has reports on who he is, says that there is no compulsion in any circumstances. Chandrababu has decided to hold a meeting of the people of the party in the AP. The leaders were ordered to set up ten sittings in various universities in the state. These councils are expected to invite intellectuals and students, and they are expected to explain how the Telugu Desam Party will come to power once again in the upcoming elections. When the other parties come to power, AP will stop development, and these meetings will be set up to redirect themselves to the extent of the success of the AP during the last four years. Party leaders have been ordered to set up 75 houses across the state in the next nine months. 
Chandrababu is expected to expose the conspiracy politics of the AP in Andhra Pradesh to betray  the BJP and the central government. Particularly the opposition leader YS Jagan and Jansena leader Pawan Kalyan in the meeting of the BJP to decide whether to take stronger decision in the meeting of the Dharmaporata Sabha in Rajahmundry to decide on the meeting of the Chandrababu Coordination Committee. So far, meetings have been held in Vijayawada, Tirupati and Visakhapatnam. The decision to hold the next House in Rajahmundry was taken at this meeting. Chandrababu had ordered the MLAs and MLCs to continue the village scene. MLA and MLC go to every village and explain the current situation. To train nearly forty thousand activists by polling centers, the training has been ordered to complete the training by August. On the whole, Chandrababu had prepared a nine-month plan at the meeting.