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Bangalore, June 30 (way2newstv.com)
The possibility of collapse of friendship between the Congress and the JDS is clearly visible even before the coalition government in Karnataka has set in. The ongoing battle for dominance is going to keep rising upwards. The warnings of the Congress high command are also not affected by the local leadership. On the other hand, disagreements are giving Warnings. Siddaramaiah Sharah is trying to show his capacity as usual. Former minister MB Patil has been extended till 15th of this month. It is now worrying to show that if there is no cabinet expansion in the 15th session, the Karnataka Assembly will begin in three days.
 On the 5th of June, the budget was scheduled to be announced on June 5. In this background the war of words started between the two parties. Siddaramaiah, a former Chief Minister who had been under treatment for nearly twelve days, had gone to Bangalore, Already Siddaramaiah is the Congress MLAs and Ministers are getting the priority. What is going to happen in Siddaramaiah assembly conferences opposing the budget is going on. Siddhu said that Kumaraswamy will be the chief minister of the country for only one year and that the remaining tenure is the Congress chief minister. The Deve Gowda initiatives have begun to suppress Siddaramaiah, who is considered enemy. Siddaramaiah has been asked to leave the JDS and Congress in the next Lok Sabha elections, and no comments have been received from the High Court. Siddaramaiah is silent but another disgruntled leader MB Patil. He is disturbed by the Deputy Chief Minister Parameswara. He has taken seriously the Parameshwara remarks that there is no cabinet expansion in the present case. He said that he would spend the next 15th of next month and then he would show him. Law Minister Krishna Byere Gowda's efforts to appease the MB Patil are not in vain. All the events in Karnataka have become the head of the Congress High Command.