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Nizamabad, June 13, (
 The farmers have expressed their disillusionment on the floods in the Sriram sagar project. The work that has taken place during the summer has not begin to rain. The proposals were sent by the authorities to send and the government would have to collect the funds to pay. The authorities forgot the maintenance of the gates. Damage maintenance on the project will be AMA. Government should be granted. The farmers are criticizing the rulers on seeing the project. 42 flood gates were constructed to cover the surplus waters from the project. As well as the Kakatiya Canal Head Regulator Gates Four, Lakshmi Canal Gates 2, Saraswati Canal Gates Two, all of these are projected by Project Officers during the summer of the current year's flood gauge six gates each year. The gates for Greece and the oil of the gates are oil and pus, etc. There is a need for the repairs of those gates. Officers have submitted proposals for the management of gates for the current year with 54 lakhs. If the flood water project comes from the upper parts of the project, the maintenance is not the same. Granted bills must be paid in due course. But the governance of the project on the Sriram sagar project is negligible and the project situation becomes worse day by day. 

Officials and government neglect on the heavy flood gates are under the control of the project and the power of the rulers on the project can be eradicated. The Sriram sagar Project will be flooded from the upper regions in the middle of June. Officers will be released to Godavari through flood gates from the project based on the water level project. Each year, the drug gates are repaired and maintenance is carried out. The gates will take care of the gates in the season when the urgent gates are lifted. It is also possible to use the crane rope to increase the gates. Several flood gates have shifted when the water was released from the project a few weeks ago. When the water was released from the project last year, the gates turned out to be in front of the eyes. The government is not funded. The farmers are saying that they do not care. Over the years, they do not have a full range of repairs. Officials and farmers are concerned that the current year will not have any maintenance or flood situation. High officials want to respond and immediately grant maintenance funds.