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Touch and watch 'Movie Sensor Complete ... Release on February 2

Touch and watch 'Moviestarring Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. Nagaram Srinivas (Bujji) and Vallabhneeni Vamsi were produced jointly by Lakshmi Narasimha Productions banner in Baby Bhagavathi.

                        Touch and watch 'Movie Sensor Complete ... Release on February 2

Vikram Siriroda is directing this film through the film. Rashekhanna, Sireath Kapoor Nayaks. The movie has completed its sensor programs and has received a U / A certificate. On February 2, the movie is being released worldwide. On this occasion ...Producers Nallamara Srinivas (Bujji) and Vallabhneeni Vamsi said that the touch sensor was completed. The movie has got 'U / A' certificate. This week's pre-release event will be held in a grand manner. For the songs released recently by social media, the teemer has a tremendous response. Everyone is appreciating that Ravi Teja is very stylish.

 We are very happy to make this film with long-time friend Ravi Teja. Prominent writer Wakkantam Vamsi made a fabulous story to the Maharaja's image. Film will be released on February 2. Everybody who has seen will surely like it. "
Story: Vakkanta Vamsi, Screenplay: Deepak Raj, Dialogues: Srinivas Reddy, Additional Dialogues: Ravi Reddy Malu, Keshav, Editing: Gautham Raja, Art: Ramana, Cinematography: Chota.K Naidu, Producers: Nallamamara Srinivas (Bujji), Vallabhneeni Vamsi, Screenplay, Direction: Vikram Siriroda.