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Vijayawada, January 13, (
The Union Government has decided to send a complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Namo' App to protest the proposal to set up a National Medical Council to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI). They are downloading 'NamoApp' for this purpose. Approximately 10 million doctors in the country will send their objections to the Prime Minister.
                COMPLIANT TO MODI BY APP

 The National Medical Council (NMC) is being established by the doctors across the country. The central government has put forward the attitude of the doctors to the Standing Council. On the other hand, doctors are preparing to take up concerns about NMC. The meeting will be headed by medical leaders and senior doctors. They say that corruption in the medical sector will be increased if the NMC bill comes into force. Of the 25 members of the NMC, 20 are said to be nominated by the government and five doctors. 

Majority members are the ones who have been nominated by the government and will be subject to the government's decision, and the decisions of non-medical personnel will be implemented. It will also lead to a three-tier committee to check medical colleges, which will also lead to corruption. In the existing MCI policy, the NMC should not be allowed to amend the deficiencies, unless it is to be cleansed.