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Nizamabad, Januari 23, (
In the few days of the new meter, the same problems are repeated again. Every time the problem comes, the user pocket the pocket. For the companies supplied by the meter, Whether the power meter is quality or not in 'logbooks', the power companies are entering the companies 'overloading'. With the week's tea season, companies are going to have a "replacement" commitment. With overloading the meters are burned and the disks agree.

                                          CURRENT OVERLOADING IN TELANGANA

Distributors say that these types of problems are caused by the lack of voltage levels. There is no answer to the questions that the surgeon's 'power' supply is going on. All the burning meters are available for home use category (LT-1). According to the 2016-17 Disk calculation, there are 54,26,404 meters in the Lt Domestic category in the state. Of these, over the last two years, 11,48,713 (21.17 percent) were replaced by burns and recessions. The Southern Distribution Power Distribution Company (TSSPDL) covered 5,41,723 meters and replacement of 6,06,990 meters in the Local Distribution Distribution Corporation (TSNPDCL). There are a large number of these replacements in Medak and Siddipet districts of TSSPDC. The total number of replacement meters in the range range is 84,128 (home use-LT-1). The next place was Nalgonda district. In Nizamabad district of TSNPDCL, 1,31,508 meters were relayed in two years. Nizamabad district is the largest replacement of all districts in the state. One of the power distribution companies is responsible for setting up of home-based metering due to lack of proper erosion, which is the responsibility of setting up the housing. He also explained that the voltage fluctuations are also inhibited, burning and burning. There are many doubts about the problem of limiting the only category of the home without the power supply of all categories.

 On the other hand, the government is supposed to supply quality power for 24 hours across the state. The question remains why the domestic category meters are burning. Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (TSRC) 2015-16 The tariff order indicates that if the power meters do not work, the customer can collect only Rs 100 from the customer and the remaining financial burden is apparent. The government has handed over the exchange of meters to the private agencies. For each meter switching, the villages and towns pay between Rs 100 to Rs.150 each. Meters purchases will only make disks. However, there are allegations that consumers are charging up to Rs 500 to Rs 1500. Disks buy current meters through the tenders process. With the end of their expiry date information is being obtained from the nomination method. Some employees in power companies express the suspicion that there is huge corruption in the affair. Private agencies that swap the meters are also criticized by some senior officials in the power department and the ruling party's benchmarks. Corruption meter corruption seems to be happening without a gap. There is a huge corruption scandal behind the 10% household usage category electricity migration substitution annually, a politician noted. Threeframe meters replacement is low compared to domestic category meters. The single phase meter replacement was 2,94,622 in the TSNPCL, while the threefirst meters were 21,310 replacements. The meter replacement was reported in the figures from September 30, 2015 to September 30, 2017. The TSRC has warned that electricity companies should increase their internal capacity and prevent losses. However, it does not appear to be a lot of disks. In comparison with the previous year, the first half of the current financial year is reported to the TSRCC. This leads to severe confusion in statistics count.