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Hyderabad, Jan 23, (WAY2NEWSTV.COM):
Theupcoming election is TRS target ... its strategy plans to develop all welfare categories in the next year ... Many welfare schemes have been undertaken ... from weak classes to minorities
The state government focuses specifically on the welfare of BCs while the general election is on close. Those who are dependent on caste vocals are intending to directly benefit from the government, regardless of banks. The 80 per cent subsidy is expected to allocate enough funds to self-employed loans.In the next budget, these two things are of great importance. Last year, the government had not been able to implement the BCC welfare benefits.
                                       IN TELANGANA, MBC STATUSES FOR 96 CASTE

For the most backward castes in BC, Rs 1,000 crore has been allocated for Rs.25 crores, Nayi Brahmins and Rajs. But the funds did not cost as BCCI delayed the development of comprehensive development plans.The shortage of Embally casteOn the other hand, Embally caste is still unclear. The government plans to disclose what castes are included in the list of emboys. There were 113 castes in BIS, 96 of them were considered to be considered as embires. The officials are expected to come up with the full budget of the Embassy list and their welfare programs this year.
Voice:This year, the government has implemented special promotions for distribution of sheep to Yadavs and distributors of fishery children to fishermen. In this budget, Nayi Brahmins has already decided to provide modern equipment with subsidized subsidies for Raja. Performance with products of related companies has also been set up. Special schemes are also expected to be implemented for Vishwakarma, Shalimavans and nomadic communities.Mainly, self-employed programs are intended to give direct subsidized loans regardless of banks. Within 80% discount on loans up to Rs. The CE is expected to take these schemes ahead of the budget. KCRs, Meetings, Nages Brahmins, Vishwakarma ... Meet the Prakti Bhavan platform with the representatives of the respective groups. There are also plans to issue credit checks to the beneficiaries as well as those of the respective parties. Reports at the CM The Assembly Committee headed by MLC Gangadhar on BSc welfare prepared a report while BSc MLAs were led by the Chief Minister in the assembly and the Bripe Public Prosecutors prepared a report with their recommendations.

Recently joined the KCR. Even though there is no need for budget and non-plan funds in the budget, there is no possibility of sub-plan for the government departments. Despite the proposal to implement a special development fund for SCs and STs, the government is working on a large share of BSc in the budget. However, as the forthcoming electoral target, each party has sharpened their strategy to attract the people of the ruling party, and wait for the voter to be voter ...