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Kakinada, January 22, (way2newstv.com):
The name of the archaeological monuments is present in the hearts of the East Godavari community. Kakinada ...... This is the industrial advancement of the industrial area, which is known as the second Madras in the town planning. It has crossed the Khandana's reputation across the continent. Not all of the major cities of the country are built up in the royal palace ... But today the reputation is notorious. In many areas of the city of Kakinada there are ancient structures that fall into ruins and collapse at any moment.

                                                    FEAR...ANCIENT BUILDINGS
The Kakinada residents are mourning by the collapse of the old buildings of the land. People are now in a very bizarre epic trading center. The old buildings of the old and unreachable buildings were unsteady for the royal palace. A building in the busy mosque center before the residents had forgotten the event that Shyamala Sadan's apartment was sinking to the ground in the past, a collapse of the old building slab in Peruvandamapeta. People often worry about such accidents and are afraid of any old building collapse in any moment.
 In the city of Kakinada there are over 100 years of building, and the people in this retirement stand are insecure and the government will not be responsible for this. Most of the major public offices have been built before the independence of the city from the collectorate in the city and many private buildings have completed a hundred years. Despite the fear that the slab collapsed at the moment, the victims could not stop the house from scratch. There are steps to be taken by the town planning officials.

Though corporations have been making efforts to eradicate these ancient buildings, there is no response from the building owners. Stalinists allege that such incidents are taking place because of the cynical attitude of the authorities. Notices have also been made for some buildings. But political pressure has not materialized for other reasons. Most of the business complexes in Main Road, Movie Redd, Jagannadapuram, Temple Vaidi are still in the oldest buildings. In addition to the government offices, schools, even if they are willing to do so, the treasury did not take up the construction of pedestal buildings. Demand for revival of Kakinada Master Plan in the context of successive events came to the fore. The owners want the employers to come forward with the eradication of old buildings and to make money from the banks for the construction of the stove with the government's stimulus. If the authorities open their eyes in the past, they will be protected from damage and loss of money.