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Nizamabad, Januar 22, (
During the winter, the city recorded a record temperature of overnight temperatures and increased chills. The swine flu pandemic is booming as the weather gets cooled all day. Swine Flu has been doubled in the city since the death toll in just 21 days this month. Many patients have been treated in local clinics with dengue suspected symptoms in various areas of the city, such as swine flu and many areas in the old town without proper sanitation. The number of patients going to Nalgunda Fever Hospital is increasing day by day with many other seasonal diseases.

                                             SEVERERLY SWINE FLU AFTER WINTER

Most of these people are suffering from swine flu suspected symptoms and are limited to treatment in small clinics. Such people do not come to the pediatrician like Gandhi, though the disease is very good. So far, four of the eight who died of swine flu were admitted to Gandhi Hospital, while four others were discharged. Two other blood samples were sent to the lab for testing. While the District Health Officers are ignorant of the disease and are aware of the prevention issues, the lack of understanding of the disease and its prevention has become a malady of the poor. This leads to large hospitals, but does not get the result. Although the doctors warned that the disease is likely to be overwhelmed with the cooling of the weather, District Medical Officers have not taken adequate preventive measures. People are worried about the disease that has seen the disease in almost all areas where poor and richest people live. Information on the number of patients being treated in private hospitals with suspected symptoms of the disease.

 It is evidence that people are not aware of these symptoms as normal and unhealthy. The government is not able to adapt to the level of awareness of the disease and the prevention of prevention. Doctors say that the disease may be very difficult for young children, especially elderly and diabetes and heart disease. The cold, cold, sore throat, fever, sore throat, dizziness, dizziness, eyes, and vomiting . If you see the virus symptoms for three days, you should contact the doctors immediately. For this the government claims that there are special wards in various hospitals besides Fever Hospital and Hospital, but doctors who are suffering from suspicious symptoms or lack of prescriptions are suspected of having suspected symptoms. Some counseling can be avoided if the virus is infected with the virus. It is advisable to get people infected as far as possible. Particularly personal hygiene is essential. Those who suffer from flu symptoms often do not rub eyes and nose with hands. Those who are infected should avoid them. At home, work offices should be used to clean up all phones and goods. They can not even have their hands added. The person infected with the virus should stay away for some days and ensure treatment. It is advisable to contact the doctors without being overlooked whether the symptoms are usually fever, cough or sneezing.