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Guntur, Jan 25, (
The Andhra Pradesh government has made a decision in the Assembly, in the form of a bill, in the form of a bill, in the month of December, the decision of the Justice Manjunathan Commission.

                                     GREEN SIGNAL TO CENTER OF KAPU RESERVATION

The bill also passed in the Assembly and went to the Center ... More precisely, this bill was passed Even today, the bill has been passed to the Union Home Ministry ... The Center has also taken action on this bill ... The Center has asked various departments on this bill. The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the Department of Justice, Social Empowerment, Higher Education, School Education

Department, Minority, Tribal Affairs and Personnel Affairs Department to submit the report within 15 days ... after the views of all departments ... Schedule Kapu is likely to add reservation in -9. If the bill is approved, these items in the bill will come into force ... 5 percent reservation for education and jobs ... 5 percent reservation in the BC (F) category for Kapus ... BC Reservations for Kapu, Telug, Lonely, Balija Caste .. The bill states that reservation is not applicable to political posts. The state government is not breathing because the Center is also positive on this bill