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Warangal (rural) January 25, (
The government is the only government to come to the public and talk about the work that has been in power. State agriculture minister Sri Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy said that our chief administration is looking at the country and abroad.

                            FARMERS BOOKS ON MARCH 11:MINISTER POCHARAM

 The Chief Minister's ambition is the welfare of all sections of Telangana. 35 welfare schemes We are spending Rs 40,000 crore. The Minister also participated in the "Palli Pragati" program in Narsimeta on Thursday. State Civil Supply Corporation Chairman Paddy Sudarshan Reddy, Member of Parliament Sitaram Naik and other public officials participated in this program. The rally was organized in the town of Narsampetta as part of the program. Speaking to the minister, Pocharam said, "We are encouraging pensions and culture in the villages of the country.

 In the past, the crops have dried up in the past few days and dharnas, rastararo and farmer suicides happen. Rs. We are paying 24 hours a day with a cost of 5000 crores. People say that the Congress party which has been in the 70-year rule has not given a hiatus is that the party leaders are not coming to the villages. The victory of TEARESE, which was held for the past four years. The Congress party has not got deposits. We will achieve a solid victory in the 2019 elections. In 1932, Nizam's earthly burial grounds were once again back to 86 years. On March 11th, we will be providing pass books to farmers across the state. Every farmer's advance investment is Rs. It is said that the 4000 is coming from the rainy season.