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Hyderabad, Jan 25, (way2newstv.com):
The GHMC is ready to set up modern Bus Shelters to replace bus shelters due to the metro rail project in the Hyderabad metro
                                             825 DIGITAL BUS SHELTERS IN THE CITY

The GHMC is planning to set up 826 modern bus shelters. This modern bus shelter is available for passengers without the need to dump the corporation with the new approach, the design, build, finance, operate and transfer (DBFT). The council approved the proposal on 12th of this month and the tenders were finalized on 22nd of this month. The GHMC is ready to hand over these four companies to four categories. Officials said. The total number of 826 bus shelters that will be set up by these four companies are divided into four grades. Each of the top 100 bus shelters will be set up under 200 feet and 30 feet under grade 1. These include dustbin, toilets, mobile charging point, ATM, coffee, wifi, air condition, fan, cctv, ticketing machine for women and men. Propriest bus shelters will be set up by 25 feet and 8 feet under Grade 2.

They will be equipped with all facilities in grade 1. Basic bus shelters under grade 3 are 20 feet and five feet, and these shelters will have all facilities except the fan and ticket mission. Under the Grade 4, the Minimal Bus Shelter was decided to have 10 feet, five feet and three feet sizes. These are designed to make only dustbines and CCTVs. In the Basic Bus Shelter, the GHMC advised institutions to set up sitting, lighting, passenger information system, sidewalk, ramp.