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Dupavarana .... Bapugari image .... Mudhugumma ... With his book in the Telugu audience, he opened his film book, Mogudin Mogudu, Pakkinti Pellam, two children's kisses, and about fifty films with his movie book.

                                            HYDERABAD IS THE SHIFT OF THE SHIFT

 The song 'Sree Rasttu Shubhamasthu ...' is a song that will be celebrated in the Telugu weekend. The song will be seen in the wedding videos ... That song is the voice of the Divya Vani Guruvatte ... Now shifts to hyderabad  from Chennai to make good characters.She said, "I am really lucky if the director of the film is sirgaya bapu gari assi and I am really fortunate to know the heroine as a wedding book ... My first film, Sardar Krishnam Naidu, was the daughter of Krishna.

 I've made small characters in the films' muthamantha mudhu' and then marry Takam twenty other girls, I select the season. So far fifty films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. Chennai, spare me the 'Holy bonds' serial in the film got the chance. Yet Telugu film star were intended to be for everyone to stay in Hyderabad shifts to, "he said.