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Hyderabad January 23, (
The government has issued an order to construct rainwater harvesting in the area of ​​1 sq.m. in the area of ​​100 sq.m. The order also issued to the government to issue post-production acupuncture certificates. By February 1, the JHMC's playgrounds, parks and communicates in the city decided to build 300 inner potholes at the first stage in other empty areas. In the past, hundreds of inland potholes were built under the GHMCC, but it was inappropriate for them to get rid of waste and waste materials on the side of the scraps with proper management.

                   IN THE HOUSE OF 100 SQ.M              WATER-LIFE IN THE GREATER

According to GHMC Commissioner Dr.B.Janathan Reddy, the local colony welfare societies and voluntary organizations have decided to hand over the responsibility to the liabilities that will be built this time in view of past experiences. The GHMC Engineering division has already taken up the process of selecting the construction of the construction sites in GHMC at the grassroots level. The state municipal minister KT Rama Rao has announced that it is tasked with constructing indoor potholes in every house without getting water in Greater Hyderabad. The Minister has asked the division of 400 cities Hyderabad to be named Jivanam - 400 units and appointed a Special Officer for each unit and a hundred percent of the houses will be constructed.

 As part of this, the GHMC has decided to take up its vacant places, functions, sports grounds, and parks in the park. However, the JHMC has decided to take up the local residential welfare associations, local voluntary organizations, and other institutions in partnership with the company to take part in the construction. Instructed to take steps to repairs and rebuild the previously built pump pits. At present, 3,622 indoor potholes have already been constructed under the GHMC in government spaces at a cost of Rs 7.60 crore. GHMC Commissioner DBJanathan Reddy said that every public office building, business enterprise, schools, colleges and private buildings should be built in the pools.