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Hyderabad, Jan 23, (
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi will take over the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu. Who is he talking to? What are you doing It has been reported to the Center from time to time that there is no stance in regard to AP's funding. Chandrababu, who said he would go to the Supreme Court if he did not give funds to the AP. He said that he would not go against the BJP. The party is in the center of the BJP.

                                         ASK PRIME MINISTER ON CHANDRABABU

So how can you say that it is not against the BJP? Chandrababu is coming from the center in this regard. It is arguable that the vote on the vote is going to be withdrawn. That is why Chandrababu is back down. The case of the vote was not Chandrababu, but the AP was brought into the situation. Chandrababu told him to give special status to AP and the mouth is not open. The special package comes to a hard-hitting condition. In the original AP, the BJP leaders are telling party leaders that they should take light even when tapi. There is no argument that Chandrababu is afraid of the need. The prosecution is shouting that there are Chandrababu behind the Supreme Court judges' press meet. Chandrababu's appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been proposed to appoint Ramana. But he appointed someone else not to be one. Chandrababu seems to be moving his head in the idea of ​​being well-suited to the Supreme Court Chief Justice. That is why the BJP is in trouble for the vote case.Chandrababu could not tell the audio tapes in the case of the vote. He did not say that the words that you broke with him are not his own. There is no claim that the BJP will blackmail Chandra Babu to hold it.

 When Chandrababu went to Delhi, the Supreme Court judges put pressure on the press to give more suspicions. After examining all these things, Prime Minister Modi has been informed about the nature of Chandrababu as early as possible. What are the BJP leaders who are against the Chandrababu party in the AP? There seems to be no sign of signs that the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, Modi Chandrababu. As a result, Chandrababu pushes pieces to hit Modi. But the courage is not enough. Modi's veteran leaders are preparing to meet with Chandrababu, but fear that it will cheat the same. Modi has been able to reduce their preference to LK Advani, Vajpayee and Togadia. Now, if Modi wants to grow up, Modi is thinking that he will come. That's why we are trying to distance itself from Chandrababu.