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New Delhi, Jan 24, (
North Korea's President Kim Jong Un, who has been facing the world over with nuclear and missile launches, has been difficult to predict when and how. He will soon be able to send some blonde army to the enemy country. Kim is sending a team of beauty lovers to the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month.
                                                 KIM JONG'S WIFE IN CHEER GIRLS

Telangana movement is the death of KCR in the death ofHe reminded me that Embaras has ceased the initiation. Now he expressed his disappointment that Mackay was not able to move in Telangana. All of you in the Telangana movement come forward KCRJAC Chairmen Kodanda Ram who led the party criticized him for giving the police permission to go back to Telangana.

How to co-operate with police to pawan kalyan in telanganaManda Krishna questioned the permission. KCR collapse started. KCR's foundations are moving, he said. Pawan Kalyan is a madman. He is the Pichols community.He was the president.