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Chennai January 20 (
Comments on Andal over the past few days in Tamilnadu damararam tomorrow. Cases of various police stations have been reported by the famous lyricist Kaivapararasu, making comments on Andal (Goda) The high court, which investigated these cases, has been put on trial by police.
                                  MADRAS HIGH COURT STAY ON GODADEVI DISPUTE

Speaking at a seminar at Srivilliputhur recently, Geeta Devi said, "Godavide is dead. Hindutva people have blamed these remarks. Andal Devi came to the temple and demanded that he openly apologize. There have been cases in several stations. Yesterday morning, the case was moved by the High Court. The advocate of the anti-aircraft lawyer said that the American researcher's narrative was only an insult to mention that Goddess was dead as a goddess. The judge who agreed with this argument ... that the comments on the goddess are not personal ... It is surprising that the political parties are dreading this. Police said that he was being given an investigation. The next hearing will be postponed to February 16.

On the other hand, a joke said that he did not make Goddess. At the convention, he said that he had spoken about thirty hours of the Goddess glory at the convention, while the American researcher said that he was taken to the audience. It is bad that the Goddess was criticizing him as a prostitute. I am sorry to say that someone is sorry.