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Adilabad, January 20, (
The Government of Telangana is improving the health of the people who are doing their best. The government's efforts are good. In some areas, however, it shows helplessness to patients suffering from ulcers in public hospitals.
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The primary health centers in Adilabad mainly lack the healing of the healing facts. There are five health centers in the country, but the staff are scarcely sick. There is a shortage of drugs that the staff lacks. Hence, proper medicine and poor people are being burnt down. The services provided in Primary Health Centers in rural areas were developed by urban health centers in September, 2016 to provide poverty to the urban poor. The temporary doctor posts were given by a full doctor for each center. Two staff members, one social administrator, two ATMs, a pharmacist, a statistical officer, two office assistants and a watchman post were assigned to travel to colonies. So far, most of these posts are empty. This has become a problem.
The medical centers of the town will be provided from 8 am to 8 pm. Drug patients who have full-service services from 8 am to 4 pm should be given medical attention. The temporary doctor will be available from 4 pm to 8 pm. But there are no temporary doctors in five centers. In addition, permanent doctors are in the camps of Shantinagar and Putlibauli. Meghita Hamaliwada, Chilukuri Lakshminagar and Khurshidnagar centers in the center of the unemployment rate. Medical staff are not adequate and they are looking for private hospitals for effective treatment. The condition of the poorest and slum dwellers is worse. They say that they do not have proper treatment if they come to the surakari davakhanas and suffer from illnesses in the private hospitals. The victims have appealed to the government and concerned department officials to appoint a full range of medical personnel and provide them with good medical care.