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Warangal, Jan 25, (
The devotees moving to Semmaka and Saralumma jatra, which run once every two years, are busy with mini-rides in Ghanspur and Chilipur mandals in Stanganjpur constituency, Lingampalli, Sripatipally, Tattikonda, Fatehpur and Ippagudem villages.

 The organizers of the SAMMAKA, SARALAMMA JATARA, which celebrates the wishes of the devotees requesting devotees from February 31 to February 3, are welcome to all the devotees. With respect to the most important drinking water issue in the jatha, RADWALS spends lakhs of rupees every month and the devotees do not have problems with drinking water. There are also activities that are being run by the farmers in the jatha surrounding areas for electricity, streetlights and devotees. The Langampalli, the largest jatha in five villages in the Stationshanpur Mandal, and various branches of the government are working on the night and day. In 1992, at Samantha, Saramma Yamuna, which was established in Lingampalli village, completed the festival 12 times and entered the 13th. As many as lakhs of devotees attend each race, this time around 5 lakh devotees will attend, "Committee Chairman Kodiyada Srinivas said. 

Chintagattu jatara was started in 2000 under the guidance of two Gram panchayats of Ippugudem - Komatigudem in Mandalayam. From now onwards, the organizers are moving forward with appropriate arrangements to avoid any difficulties for the devotees. Similarly, in 2007, Samkala and Saralamma jathaas were started in the villages of Tatikonda and Pattupur. Even though the jurisdiction continued, the Godavari floods came to a great extent by the devotees of the late Jawaharlal Nehru. The organizers believe that two lakhs of devotees are expected to attend the stadium at the bottom of the reservoir. People from the villages of Samkakka, Saralummai and surrounding villages have been residing in the ponds between Sripatipally and Kondapur villages. In 2005, people of the villages of the villages were able to participate in the arrangement. In this background, the people of two villages have been in the process of creating this all the time.