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Hyderabad, Jan 19, (
Panchayat Elections are likely to take three phases. The state electorate plans to put in place the wards of all panchayats within the panchayats with a view to putting in place the practical difficulties in electoral management. The community estimates that the number of polling booths in the range of at least twenty thousand in the current 8684 panchayats in the present day has a lot of difficulties in conducting polls on the same day, as new and more panchayats exist.

                                             PANCHAYAT ELECTIONS IN FEBRUVARY

The community officials said that it is difficult to conduct polls in one and a half lakh polling centers the same day. With 1.20 lakh ballot boxes available in Telangana, there are arrangements to bring some of the neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka along with Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh. It has already been reported that some ballot boxes from Maharashtra and Karnataka have been placed in district centers. All 70,000 boxes are being prepared from neighboring states. If the new panchayats are formed, the details of the Gazette will examine their geographical positions and make appropriate arrangements. The number of wards in the new panchayats is not to say now. The state election commission has focused on six months prior to the expiry of the panchayat due to the end of July. There is no voter list yet from the election chief. The Panchayati Raj Act is all set to ensure that elections can be held in any way since January when it is possible to hold elections for six months before the end of their term. However, after the news of the amendment to the panchayat law, Gajit said that after the receipt of the hand, the selection of booths, staffing and moving the ballet boxes would be focused. 

It has already explained that a meeting was held with officials of all districts. The notification was issued for the elections and the first phase polling is required to take 13 days. Nominations will be issued for four days from the notification, followed by the next day, after which the nominations will be withdrawn till the third day. On the same day, the final list would be ready and the first phase of polling should be at least five days. That's why the whole 13 days are needed. Commenting on the meeting of the Collectorate of CM KCR districts on the month of February, the Gazette will be released on 15th, the list of electors from the election chief is to be released and scheduling will be completed. The government should expect to set up new panchayats because of their geographical boundaries, the number of wards, the bill, the legislation and the adoption of the bill, then the gazette release of the governor should be one of the following. However, it is possible that this kind of meeting will be held in the second week of February because it is generally not required by the Election Commission officials (Commissioner) to convene a meeting of all parties before the election. The state officials are commenting on the announcement from the government that the state election commission is ready for all election arrangements for conducting elections.