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Hyderabad, Jan 22 (
Power Star and Jason's Pawan Kalyan's' Chalare Chal 'tour started in the midst of the fans' Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna Lejinova were present.
                                                PAWAN KALYAN TO KONDAGATTU

Earlier, she poured boobs and poured boobs among fans. The women's activists came there and paved the pawan's hand. And then picked up the pumpkin. Pawan Karek, standing on the roof top, was greeted by fans and fans who arrived at a large scale.

Then Pawan went to his wife and told him to leave the car, waiting for the car, and then went back home without backing the ladies all the way. When the media asked me to talk about the expedition, Pawan said, "I do not tell you right away after going to the hill." Pawan Conway has over 30 vehicles. Janasena leaders and Pawan fans went on his way.