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Chittoor, Januari 23, (
TTD jumped to perform rathasuptami celebrations in one of the Thirumala Brahmotsavam. These celebrations are to be celebrated in Tirumala till the evening of the 24th and early evening. Venkanna Swamy devotees are given a view of the incarnation of SriMilayappa Swami. Every two hours a day on a vehicle is given to the devotees for salvation. He is a sunshine.

                                          THIRUMALA IS PREPARING FOR CHARITY

 The sun was born to Aditi and Kashyapas on the occasion of the Sagittariya Saptami. On that day, Sapthaswam Rathrudhududu and the world are appearing as rathasuptami celebrations. Parts of the chariot are considered to be symbols of time and seasons. The sun goes on the north side. In the worship of the sun, the worship of the sun is unique. The sun is visible directly. A world without sunlight can be scarred with darkness.

Sunlight is the basis for agriculture, humans, animals, and other life forms. A world without sunlight can not be imagined. The unreal imagination is scary. In doing so, it is also good to be able to do sunscreen. Research also proves the same thing. According to myths, Sri Rama Chandra performed Aditya's heart with the blessings of Agasthya Maharshi. Karna was born in the Mahabharata and was known as Mahabaladhi. Satrasji Satya Siddhanta received the perfect comic in the mantra with the worship of the sun. The sun is unique. Kalai Vivasavta is the first Tirtha Rathasaptami in Manvarthara. On this very day, the jilladu, plums, and peppers are placed on the head and will be treated with a salute. Hindu belief that the worship of Aditya will make humans grow.