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Hyderabad, Jan 22, (
By 2048, the need for pipelines and compilations is being carried out to meet the needs of the population. Maheshwara is supplied with water from the industrial segments of Ibrahimatnam. Water from Srisailam project will be pumped at Ellore Reservoir in Kolapur constituency in Mahabubnagar district. From there, the Amalgam Mandalam karakapahad reservoir comes to the untreated water. Karkal Pahad is building a huge edition.
                                      PROVIDING GOOD WATER TO 2048 POPULATION

 It is pumped with electric motors and sends them to the mission Bhagiraththa Center in Kudururu Mandal Mudcharas which is 16 kms away. The government plans to supply 700 lakh liters of water per day to 304 villages. Contractors are working to complete the works within the gap. Drinking water could not be given to any villager that the last government would supply Krishna waters to Uruura. After the formation of Telangana TRS Government brought new Mission Bhagirathi scheme to criminalize electoral promises. The tanks are being constructed in the mudars. The mission of the mission is to overcome the difficulties faced by people for drinking water. The Maheshwaram, Ibrahimapatnam, around the city and the municipalities of the area were supposed to supply drinking water to 304 villages in Rajendranagar constituency. 480 crore rupees. There are active activities to supply 700 million liters of drinking water. The area has already been recognized as a commercial center for the city of Pharma. As a part of this, the village has become increasingly popular because of the mission of the mission. The hottest area, the leading business enterprises, and the available lands are available here. Construction work needed for the supply of 700 lakh liters of water to 304 villages continues. Another heavy water treatment plant is being built here. 

Pipeline construction works are already underway to supply water to villages in three constituencies. The tanks will be constructed in the villages of Pulimamidi, Manchala Mandalam, Kudukuru Mandal, Dasarapalpally Tandah, Manneguda Tandah, Dannararam, Harshaguda Tanda, Dannararam, Ibrahimatnam, Khanpur, Naganpalli and Agapalli villages. In addition, pipelines will be constructed for connecting tanks and tanks. The villages in Kandukur, Maheshwaram, Ibrahimampattam, Yacharam, Manchala, Hayatnagar, Rajendranagar and Shamshabad constituencies in Maheshwewa constituency are being brought under the jurisdiction. One hundred liters per village and one person in the villages will be given 123 liters per person. Authorities plan to supply water to 3 lakh 98 thousand 511 people in 304 villages according to 2001 census. Construction of tanks and tanks for water reservoirs and water reservoirs in Mudrakars. The construction of pipelines is going on very rapidly. Each day, the work is completed and supplied with 700 lakh liters of water every day. The pipelines are filled with one meter width of 16 kilometers to move the water from the Kalkalpad. These works were done at a cost of Rs 30 crore. Construction work has been completed with 40 crores. These will be pipelines to fill the villages after completion. Fast-paced tanks are being constructed in six places so as the speed-resistant tanks supply water for drinking water to the villages. At an elevation of 25 meters in Harshaguda, at a height of 30 m in Rallaguda, 10 meters high in Nagnapalli, 15 meters high at Agapalli.