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Warangal, Jan 19, (
Government employees were not transfers. Employees have to wait for common transfers in Andhra Pradesh and then in Telangana state. They are waiting for five years. Employees are worried that the state government's transition in summer is shocking and disappointing. Final transfers were held from April 25 to May 15, 2013 in joint Andhra Pradesh. Even though the employees felt that the Telangana government would be held in April and May 2017, their hopes remain. On October 11, 2016, the government constituted 10 districts to 31 districts.

 Employees have been transferred to new districts, called Order to Serve. Everybody hopes that any later permanent appointments will take place. The new districts have emerged and have not been permanent transfers beyond the year. The employees are deeply unhappy. General elections in the state will be held in 2019 next year. The speculation is that the TRS government is in the opinion of the opinion that it is going to go ahead with the elections. If this happens, the 11 Wage Amendment Commission (PRC) will be followed by fitness indications. The government is expected to announce the interim burden (IR) if the PRC delayed. In this regard, information is being reported that employees are expected to begin the process of transition from time to time. The ruling party leaders are planning to scare the employees to the targets. As part of this, it is strongly suggested that permanent allocations for employees in new districts, including transfers to employees in April or May this year.

 The information that the state government is currently taking care to prevent opposition from employees. It is also credible that the opposition from the employees decided to consult with the government's unions, which was aware of the danger of the benefit of the opposition parties. Information on the possibility of convening a meeting with Chief Minister KCR's Job Offices in Pragati Bhavan. This year the demand for transfers of job leaders in front of the ministers in the diaries and calendar innovations regarding their community. In view of the unhappiness among the employees, the CM KCR requested to take their appeal. The new piracy is trying to make transfers even when trying to surrender. If families live together, employees have to carry out duties everywhere. Employees said they are enduring a lot of patience for children's needs and family needs. On the other hand, 20 per cent of HRA employees were employed in old district centers. Employees who went to new districts have only 14.5 per cent of the district's centers, while 12 per cent of those working in other district centers are HRA. On the one hand, on the other hand, permanent recruitment in new districts, on the other hand, 20 per cent of employees are on the government's line.

There is an opinion that the state government is dealing with employees' lives without problems. Employees' association leaders say that the Employer is friendly and the neglect of the problem is solved. Some leaders who are unwilling to say the possibility of anxiety may lead to anxiety if the government has changed. As part of the reorganization of the districts, employees are currently in charge of order order (temporary appointments). Previously, 41,816 employees in the ten districts were temporarily adjusted to 31 districts under Order to Serve. The state government has divided the remaining nine districts in the state except Hyderabad. The joint district of Warangal district is divided into five districts, and the Jaffna Mahabubnagar District is divided into four districts. The state government has already said that it will take into consideration the issue of local transfers to employees' transfer and permanent recruitment. The option to choose where the employees will work is to make permanent allocations based on locality. For instance, Ranga Reddy district is divided into Rangareddy, Medchal-Malkajigiri and Vikarabad Districts. If one employee of Rangareddy, a student of the Rangareddy School, was studying in Kokkattpalli up to Class 10, now Madechal-Malkajigiri will become locals. The permanent allotment of the employee also applies to Medchal-Malkajgiri district. The government is considering to make permanent allocations to these employees. Guidelines for permanent transfers of employees will be released prior. Thereafter, objections from job unions will be accepted. Subsequent appointments will be taken up and permanent allotments will be taken. In this process, it is possible to exclude employers who are annually employed, job leaders, veterans, husbands, and long-term employees. There are allegations that the manner in which the act is done is intentional.