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Eluru, January 19, (
Dab ... money ... wherever you see the last three days. Striking notes can not be spoile kothata, pekata, passing, alcohol ... All the way Dhanalakshmi hands.

                                            CRORES OF CRORES OF BLACK MONEY

This money stream has gone unnoticed to some lives, and the sadness of others. Many managers became millionaires by organizing all the addictions in the pursuit of tradition. Though the current political situation prevailed, Sankranthi gambling is still in the forefront, but the rupee has gone beyond Rs. The Khakki Kangis, who excelled in the good fortunes, kept the money flow throughout the district. The gambling game, which began with cutting the ribbon in the afternoon of Bonhi day, lasted for three days. In some places, the ranks of leaders in the leadership of some of the leaders,

At the beginning of the thousands, the ratios have gone down a few lakhs and a few crore rupees. The racket of notes ranging from 2000 to 500 rupees is almost impossible. The three days of ATM cards have not even stopped for the moment. If it does not take 20 liters, it's time for the ATM to get back to the smallest of the batsmen. In some cases, the ATMs did not have enough money to wrestle with the missions and eventually there was no benefit to some backfired. This time, in the past, has never been so bad, and this time it seems to be a big hit. The bulls and the bags of rubbish were shifted to the boats. If the amount of money is increased, On the other hand, fake hands are also believed to have changed hands