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Guntur, January 20, (
The villages that are close to the capital are kaynitti 'struggles. Decades of neglect has become a polygamy of the villages, resulting in 50,000 acres of land in a state of livelihood. There are criticisms that the governments providing water for corporate companies are looking at the farm-based area.

                                       GUNTUR CHANEL DOES NOT SEE EXPANSION

The Guntur Channel was not extended to five zones and drinking water due to the extent of 40 km from the Prakasam barrage of Vatticherukuru, Peddanandapadu, Kakumana and Prakasam district of Parur district in the Guntur Channel. With the Nallamada drain water, farmers of this region can imagine what the situation is. The Guntur Channel is to be constructed from the Tadapalli river on Krishnanadhi to Prakasam district of Parur. The channel came under the British rule in 1936. But in 1961, the legislature passed the Guntur Channel as a result of farmer's struggles. This is also included in the second Five Year Plan.

 The construction of the channel is up to 32 kilometers from Thadapalli to Mangalagiri. About 200 cusecs of water are being released by channel. There is a further 30 kilometers expansion. Expansion works have been limited to decades since the garbage from Pradanandipadu to Paruchur. The area of ​​the Pattasima, Pulichintala and Sagar right from this place is not the same. The farmer groups allege that the governments of the Kokokola company from Nutak to the 50,000 acre of water from the same channel have been delayed for irrigation. If the channel expansion happens, it will also provide drinking water. It is estimated that the cost of expenditure will go up from Rs. A total of 500 acres of Land Acquisition and Rs. 500 is estimated at cost. Officials argue that channel expansion is not possible for drainage. In the backdrop, you can not get down to the bottom of the garage. The farmers are unhappy that the worst conditions for their villages are unlawful if the Nallamada expansion is not a matter of concern in recent villages and villages.