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Chennai,February 6,(
Superstar Rajinikanth, Visakshya Kamalahasan on the cover of Makkal Dalpati Vishal special political party ... Would it bet on the run? That is the same signal that Vishal Ads. Vishal responded in Madurai as the party declared after the Tamil Nadu local election Nagara.There was no political party in Tamilnadu. It's all known. A party is correct for every social group. There are a lot of party stars and parties. The DMK, headed by Vijayakanth, led by MG Vijayakanth, led by supreme hero Sarath Kumar, went on to some extent.


Director, actor Seeman Party Naam Tamil Nadu Katchi is said to have won the vote bank to break the public. Tamil politics are experiencing a new path. This is because of the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Annadyanke had a lot of disastrous conditions. The party's pieces are on the one side, and on the other hand they are trying hard to take that force into their guppets. In the meantime, film stars have come to work in politics. Kamal in the first row in the film, but the latter, as the latter said, the South Indian film Superstar Rajinikanth's political party gained the speed of work. Everyone turned to them. If the funniest party is going to support Rajinikanth, there are signs that Kamal's announcement will be on the state tour.

Vishal's political party is preparing for work. Vishal said that Arkinagaagar was a political candidate when he was nominated for the by-election. Though the nomination was on the opposite side, the desire to do good to the people on the other day rose to his notice. Vishal reiterated his political debut, indicating that the party was taking over. Vishal who was sealed as Makkal dalapati politically responded in Madurai. The increase in the bus fares and the fire incident in the presence of Meenakshi Amman. They demanded to take the front races. Likewise, the ban on liquor from the government was also good. These statements seem to be political. In the meanwhile, the local election nagarajaha gave the people an idea of ​​giving clarity on the party.